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Bounce Back, and it’s companion formula, Breathe Clear, is that we have simplified a complex process. It is often difficult, if not impossible, to get support from a Chinese medicine practitioner when fever, chills and other upper respiratory tract needs strike. With our Cold Season Solutions, we’re providing a unique two-step approach to bring you the power of traditional Chinese healing when you need it the most.

Bounce Back tablets are conveniently packaged in individual “daily packets” that contain your daily dosage of herbs. Simply order the number of days you feel your body needs based on the symptoms you are experiencing (or typically experience to keep on-hand) and let the heritage of Chinese herbal medicine help your body recover naturally.

Bounce Back herbal tablets are a proprietary blend that draws on centuries of Chinese herbal scholarship to provide a unique solution to the fever, chills, body aches, and nasal congestion associated with cold season. For centuries, Acupuncturists have understood that it was possible to mobilize the body’s innate resilience to “drive out” these symptoms with specific herbal combinations. We’ve embraced these principles in our modern approach.


    Bounce Back can be taken individually, particularly when the unpleasant experiences of cold season set in - chills, stuffy nose, aches and fever, or with its complementary formula, Breathe Clear. Unlike conventional over the counter options which provide only temporary symptomatic relief, Bounce Back works to enhance your body’s own natural restorative abilities, for a quicker recovery and return to your everyday activities. The Best Time to use Bounce Back is:

    • For fever, chills, body aches, headaches, nasal congestion
    • For a scratchy, irritated throat
    • When you are seeking a natural alternative to synthetic options

    Each pouch of Bounce Back contains your daily dose of tablets. There are 2 servings of 3 pills in each pouch (6 tablets per pouch). We recommend taking one serving in the morning (3 tablets) and one serving later in the day (another 3 tablets). When symptoms are at their worst, you can take an additional 3 tablets on the same day (do not exceed 9 tablets in a single day). A typical course is approximately 3-10 days.